License To Operate

About Peru

Peru - Pro-Mining Jurisdiction With Significant Opportunities:

Peru is one of the world's premier mineral producing countries, with a significant mining history. In a study commissioned by Canada's Fraser Institute, Peru was rated in the top 20% of world mining jurisdictions for its pro-mining policies, mineral potential and protection of mining assets. Foreign companies operating in Peru can own 100% of mineral concessions with the payment of annual land taxes.

In the mining world, Peru ranks near the top as a mining nation:

  • World's largest silver producer

  • World's second largest copper and zinc producer

  • The sixth largest producer of gold

Peru – A Stable Economy With Infrastructure Development In Place:

Peru's economy is growing. As a result of ex President Alan Garcia's broad pro-market stance, he and the Government of Peru have had a consistent focus on prudent fiscal management and the encouragement of foreign investment. Caracara's properties are near a significant infrastructure project, the new TransOceanic Highway linking Brazil with the Pacific Ocean, which is currently being constructed by the Brazilian government on the eastern edge of the Macusani District. This development provides a significant infrastructure advantage to Caracara Silver and its projects in the region.

Peruvian mining laws grant concession holders the right to exploit and explore all mineral resources that may be found in the subsoil of the concession area. Mining concessions shall be granted in extensions ranging from 100 to 1000 hectares in grids or groups of adjacent grids that are contiguous to each other at least by one side. Concessions are irrevocable provided that the concessionaire fulfills the obligations set forth by the General Mining Act to maintain the concession effectiveness.

On June 30th of each year, renewal fees and penalties, if applicable, must be paid to the Peruvian government by the title owner to maintain the mining concessions in good status. The annual fee is US $3.00 per hectare.